Custom made solid platinum women’s engagement ring and wedding band hybrid, with eight asymmetrically distributed flush mount natural white diamonds and one bezel set natural blue sapphire. The diamonds are set on milligrained waves that flank the central focus of this piece.

The design of this piece attempted to incorporate the visual style of Art Deco, while the overall inspiration was drawn from the imagery invoked in the Bahá’í prayer for Marriage by `Abdu’l-Bahá. In the prayer a marriage is likened to two seas (represented by the three waves on either side of the ring) that are brought together, between which is a barrier which they “overpasseth not”, and as a result of their union, pearls and corals (in the case of the ring, diamonds) are cast unto the “shore of life”:

“…Wherefore, wed Thou in the heaven of Thy mercy these two birds of the nest of Thy love, and make them the means of attracting perpetual grace; that from the union of these two seas of love a wave of tenderness may surge and cast the pearls of pure and goodly issue on the shore of life. “He hath let loose the two seas, that they meet each other: Between them is a barrier which they overpass not…(1)”

(1) Qur’án 56:62
– ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

Celebrating the legacy of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe…

To claim that Mies was keenly attentive to detail would be an understatement. Mies’ asserted belief that “God is in the details” is reflected in the massive collection of his drawings and sketches, which demonstrate the intricacy of detail in his designs of buildings, spaces, concepts, or furniture. It is a dispiriting thought that in our fast paced world, we spare only fleeting observations of our environment, these thoughtful details go unnoticed, overshadowed by the overall beauty to which they contribute.

Through careful study of over a thousand of Mies’ sketches and drawings, available through the Museum of Modern Art, select details gleaned from Mies’ work were translated into designs for cufflinks.

The Tugdendhat House (1928-1930) was Mies’ last major home in Europe. Built on a steep grade, overlooking the city of Brno, the House was innovative for its time. With the incorporation of motorized windows and walls, to its novel use of iron in a non-industrial context, the space was as beautiful as it was functional and comfortable. Not only was the structure a part of his vision, Mies took great care with the design and use of colours, materials, textiles, and furniture, the latter of which was designed specifically for the carefully choreographed spaces of this House.

The design of this cufflink has been drawn from Mies’ detail section of the dining-room terraces travertine pavement. The piece is constructed from solid silver and red amboyna burl.

Villa Tugendhat
Mies van der Rohe Society

Custom made 18 karat white gold ring with hand engraving, eight VS1/F/Very Good cut round diamonds (0.16TCW), and five 5mm round natural white opals.

“Growing up, I always admired one of my Grandma’s rings. It was a ring with 5 pearls set into it, and it was passed down to her from her great aunt. The ring was a family heirloom, and was eventually given to me by my grandma to wear on my wedding day (one day) and to eventually pass down to my own children. In April of 2014, my home in Calgary was broken into, and all of my jewelry was stolen. Both my grandmothers ring and my Sochi Olympic ring were taken. The Canadian Olympic committee was kind enough to replace my Olympic ring, but the one piece of jewelry I was heartbroken over and could not replace was my grandmothers ring.

This past summer, I was contacted by Vedad, and he offered to replace my grandmothers ring for me. I thought it a strange offer, as it’s not very often that people you don’t know go out of their way to do such kind things, but after discussing it further with him it was clear that his offer was genuine and 100% out of the goodness of his own heart. I worked with him over the following months to help re-build my grandmothers ring, and in seeing the finished ring now, I could not be happier. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and more than I could have asked for. He even put a tiny Olympic stamp on the inside of the ring!

Vedad’s kindness and generosity has taken what was one of the most negative experiences of my life, and turned it into a beautiful story that I will now pass down to my family with my ring. It’s not very often in life that you meet someone who does something so generous and asks for nothing in return – I can’t thank him enough, and I’m so proud to have my grandmothers ring back on my finger!”