MiesMo is a design studio that works collaboratively with individual clients to create meaningful, beautiful pieces that you can afford.

About the Artist

As a student of art history (among other things -­­ I may have had more majors than I had apartments in university!) I struggled to understand why we value physical things (art, objects, buildings), why the material world is so instinctively important to us as human beings when we know intellectually that it will all eventually turn to dust.

It wasn’t until I studied the work of artists like architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and painter Piet Mondrian that a relationship between the world of ideals and the physical world became clearer to me.

These artists used their respective mediums to illustrate their beliefs about human nature and the world around them. For them, physical objects were both a way of making their values manifest and a means of working through these concepts. Understanding their approach helped me to see that focusing on the physical is totally reconcilable with a higher purpose when things are created with intention, and in an exploration of deeper meaning.

The more I learned in art and philosophy and other disciplines, the more I came to believe that discovering and exploring meaning is the essence of the human experience, and that we do this best in collaboration with others. When we can draw on the collective experiences of people with different perspectives, we can create ever ­deeper meaning.

In our work at MiesMo, we believe that objects are valuable not because of the rarity of their materials or the clarity of their stones, but because they hold meaning, because they express a story. Our design studio works with individual clients to create pieces that are deeply meaningful to them, and are therefore of incalculable value (though we’ll have the finished piece appraised for you anyway!)

Our goal is to create a piece that is meaningful enough for you to want to pass it on to your children, and expertly crafted so that you can.

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How it Works

Step 1: We start with an informal initial conversation via email, phone, or in person to get a sense of what you’re looking for, and to talk about the process itself.

Step 2: When you decide to move forward with a commission, we’ll have a more formal meeting to understand your parameters, goals, vision, and to talk about fun things like metal finishes, metals, prices, stones, diamonds, types of settings, and other options.

Step 3: Based on our discussion, we’ll get you a detailed quote. It if meets your needs, you provide a deposit that’s determine for each project. This quote will vary greatly depending on the materials and design you’ve selected. But custom-made doesn’t mean expensive, we promise!

Step 4: We’ll get designing! We start with a few sketches/concepts and send them to you for feedback, input, and suggestions. Sometimes you won’t know exactly what you’re looking for until this stage, when you see some ideas of what it might become. That’s okay! At this stage, we can redefine or refine concepts or vision for the project.

Step 5: After all of that redefining and refining, we’ll revise, and you’ll get a new set of sketches/concepts to review.

Step 6: We’ll incorporate any final touches from your review, and you’ll provide another deposit, again determined for each project, for the build phase.

Step 7: We’ll make the thing. This is the longest part, and mostly involves our team molding metals and setting stones. But we won’t leave you out! We’ll keep you posted with updates, images, and progress.

Step 8: As we’re wrapping up, you’ll provide the final payment. When we send you the final invoice, if it’s less than the original quote we’ll refund the difference.

Step 9: It’s yours! We’ll deliver the finished piece with complimentary appraisal and professional packaging. When possible, we’ll deliver it in person. (We love seeing happy clients united with their custom piece.)

Still not quite clear on how it all comes together? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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